‘Baby got packed’: Prepare for a safe spring break to the beat of Sir Mix-A-Lot

Spring break is often a time filled with sunshine, friends and activities that might just drop your parent’s jaw to the ground. And it’s a perfect reminder to refresh your emergency preparedness knowledge.

Whether you’re way past the spring break revelry or right in the thick of it, make sure you know how to have a safe vacay. Inspired by the lyrics of the very talented Sir Mix-A-Lot here are five questions to ask yourself before your trip:

1. Do I know the hazards where I’m going and how to handle them?
“I like good plans and I cannot lie…” Do some research on the area you’re traveling to. For example, are hurricanes, tsunamis and heat waves a possibility? If so, do you know how to handle them? Check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. State Department for travel safety tips for your destination before you head out.

2. Do I have all the vaccinations I need to be protected?
“‘Cause you ain't that average groupie,” don’t follow the norm if the norm isn’t getting vaccines. Vaccinations can protect you from a range of infectious diseases. And trust us, you don’t want to bring any of these home as a souvenir. CDC recommends talking to your doctor about vaccines a few weeks before you head out.

3. Have I packed the right things?
“Baby got…packed.” Make sure you have the right clothing and have what you need to protect yourself from hazards and dangerous weather. Don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen!

4. Are my important documents safe?
If you’re “hooked and you can’t stop staring” at the beautiful scenery once you arrive, make sure you already have your passport and other critical documents safe. You never know when you may need to bolt because of hazardous weather.

5. Do I know evacuation routes and emergency numbers?
Make sure you aren’t left dialing 1-900-MIXALOT in the case of an emergency. Know the local equivalent to 911, as well as where fire exits, stairwells and other evacuation essentials are located where you are staying.

Want even more? Check out our Get Ready materials and read  recommendations on spring break safety from CDC.

Have a happy, safe spring break and “kick them nasty thoughts!”

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