Weddings: a celebration of love, joy and public health

Yes, you read that right! And if you’re thinking we’re trying to nerd-ify your wedding, think again. Don’t believe us? Check out our Pinterest board on public health wedding ideas. We’ll wait.

Now that you’re back, let’s talk. Why would you think about public health at a wedding?
For starters, this summer is going to be full of millennials tying the knot. They are living in a world altered by climate change. They’ll raise their kids with the emerging public health threats in mind. So it makes sense they have health in mind when planning their future.

But public health weddings aren’t just for the young folks. Our tips are good for brides and grooms of

all ages — and for all budgets.

Try out some summer fruits for snacks
during  your reception!
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Incorporating public health into your wedding can be as simple as including a vegetarian meal option. Small decisions can help any wedding support public health. Recycled wedding dresses and locally grown flowers are just some of the ways you can create a health-conscious wedding.

You can also incorporate public health preparedness into your wedding. If you’re handing out keepsakes to guests, consider things that will help them be ready for a disaster, like flashlights, whistles and paper fans. What wedding guest wouldn’t want a mini first-aid kit with the happy couple’s name embossed on it? The next time your guests are safely treating a scrape, they’ll have you to thank.

These ideas won’t just help you pull off that hipster vibe. They’ll also introduce your guests to new foods, new activities and new ways of thinking. Go ahead. Be “that hipster couple.”

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