Here’s what you can do to stay healthy as the climate changes

Lots of people are talking about climate change and the things it can do to our health. But did you know that you can prepare for it — and stop it from ruining your summer?

Image credit // National Resource Defense Council
We love summer. Thanks to our summer safe tips, we’re prepared for the worst things and enjoy the best things, like playing outside, eating snow cones and building sandcastles.

But last year, the National Resource Defense Council shared a list of things they don’t like about summer, like heat waves, poor air quality and mosquitoes. Unfortunately, climate change makes all of those things worse. And that’s not healthy.

There is good news, though: We can protect ourselves.

If you live in a hot place, you can stay safe by doing a few things before and during a really hot day. Make sure you drink plenty of water, find somewhere with air conditioning and take cool showers to lower your body heat. Here are more suggestions from our heat wave fact sheet.

Photo credit // CDC / James Gathany
Hate being bit by mosquitoes? You can protect yourself by using bug spray, getting rid of water from that has collected in flower points or trash cans around your neighborhood and wearing clothing that fully covers your arms, legs and feet. Here are more things you can do to stay even safer from mosquito bites.

We’ve got tips to protect you no matter where you live. You can stay safe from hurricanes or floods, keep your food and water safe during an emergency, and protect yourself when you’re in a big crowd of people. Here’s a full page of facts you can use to stay safe and healthy in emergencies.

Now go have as much fun as you can this summer!

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