Ready, Pet, Go! Enter APHA's 2015 Get Ready Photo Contest

Do you have a unique pet, or just a really cute one? Do you enjoy going to the zoo? Snap a photo of an animal in a preparedness pose and enter Ready, Pet, Go! APHA’s Get Ready Photo Contest. The contest is using animals — of any kind — to promote emergency preparedness.

Cats, dogs, fish, birds, hamsters, lizards, pigs, cows, snakes, horses, llamas, squirrels and all other animals welcome. Whether they have two legs, four legs or none, we want to see them all!
Take a look at the topics covered by the Get Ready campaign — such as preparing for evacuation, stockpiling, how to prepare for severe weather — and find a way to illustrate them with an animal.

We will add witty captions and share your message about emergency preparedness with the world. The winning photos will go into our Get Ready calendar.
See our animals photo gallery for ideas! Need more inspiration? Take a look at photos from past rounds of the Get Ready Photo Contest, featuring cats, dogs, and babies.

Read our FAQs and official rules and regulations for complete info. Entries will be accepted via email and Instagram. Contest entries are being accepted now through June 1, so get snapping!

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