Add this reminder to your calendar and be ready for disasters!

We all have a lot to keep up with these days — pick up tomatoes for tonight’s salad, send a gift card for a relative’s birthday, schedule teeth cleaning. Staying on top of things is important, but life sometimes intrudes.

Creating a schedule for activities, appointments and special days, whether big or small, can help you relax and feel prepared for upcoming events. That’s where APHA’s Get Ready: Set Your Clocks, Check Your Stocks campaign comes in. The campaign advises Americans to use the twice-a-year clock change as a reminder to check your emergency stockpile.

Having an up-to-date stockpile — with nothing missing or expired — comes in handy when the lights are out during a power outage, if your tap water is undrinkable during a flood or you have to shelter-in-place during a storm.

Quick! Add these dates into your calendar right now: March 8 and November 1. Those are the 2015 dates for the clock change. You can even use the handy “Add to Calendar” button on our website to add this month’s reminder to your Outlook, Google or Yahoo calendar. Look at you, already on your way to being prepared!

To be even more ready for a disaster, visit the Get Ready site for a handy checklist of emergency supplies, a grocery list and even delicious recipes. While you’re there, check out our new infographic and share a photo of your stockpile.

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