We’re ‘super’ prepared for the big game. Are you?

The 2013 Super Bowl showed Americans the value of preparedness. A power outage interrupted the game for 30 minutes, but officials at the New Orleans stadium were ready for emergency. They used generators to restore lights and the fire department assisted attendees trapped inside a stadium elevator.

With this year’s Super Bowl just around the corner, it’s a good reminder that you have the power to prepare yourself, your family and your community for power outages — and so many other health emergencies.

Let’s start with power outages, which can be especially dangerous — and even life-threatening — in cold winter weather. APHA’s Get Ready campaign has tips to help keep you safe in case of an outage.
  • Have a first-aid kit, flashlight, batteries, battery-operated radio, canned foods, can opener and bottled water.
  • Make sure you know how to shut off gas, water and electricity at the source in your home.
  • Tell the police department and fire department in advance if anybody in your home needs special assistance.
  • Have plenty of warm clothes that you can wear during a power outage.
  • If a power outage occurs, don’t touch any power lines either on the roof of your home or on the ground.

Getting your flu shot is another way to be prepared. Did you know that flu activity this season is still high in 23 states and has been elevated for nine consecutive weeks? Even NFL superstars like Aaron Rodgers can catch the flu and spread disease to their teammates or families.

Don’t let the flu sack you like it’s sacked Tom Brady! Here’s one easy way to protect yourself: Visit Flu Near You to see how the flu is affecting your area and find nearby locations offering flu shots. You can even download the app for Apple or Android devices.

And if you or people you’re close to get the flu, our Get Ready campaign has a list of supplies you'll need to feel better.

Thanks for reading, and make sure your Super Bowl plans include good food, good fun and good emergency preparedness.

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