January is National Blood Donor Month

Since 1970, January has been known as National Blood Donor Month. It’s a perfect time to encourage people to start the New Year off right by giving the gift of life. How can you help? Glad you asked.

During the month of January, instead of the usual New Year’s resolutions, make a commitment to donate blood or host a blood drive at your  school, work, community center or place of worship.

Did you know that every two seconds someone receives a unit of blood? Hospitals and organizations such as the American Red Cross work hard to make sure that blood is available for patients who may need it to save their life. Blood can’t be manufactured or created in a lab; it can only come from ordinary people like us — office workers, business executives, college students, parents and grandparents, and people from every walk of life. Blood donors share a common goal — the desire to help others.

On average, approximately 44,000 blood donations are needed daily for surgeries, diseases and trauma. Because of cold weather and busy post-holiday schedules, winter is a difficult season to receive blood donations. So your January blood donation is especially appreciated.

Weather-related disasters and emergencies can strike at any time, and the blood used in an emergency is already on the shelves before events occur. Blood donations like yours will make sure that supplies are available when they’re needed most.

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