Don’t get overwhelmed by the holiday hustle and bustle

The holidays: a time for food, family, gift giving…and lots and lots of people! Crowd safety isn’t just for summertime festivals, concerts and Fourth of July events. With increased travel, holiday parades and packed stores, being safe in crowds is just as important during the holiday season. Do you know what to do to keep yourself and others safe?
  • Plan ahead: Whether it’s a black Friday sale or Thanksgiving Day parade, know what to expect before you head out. How many people might be there? Will you be indoors or outdoors? These key details will help you plan ahead.
  • Check the weather: Winter weather can bring chilly temperatures, snow, rain and sleet. Wear clothing that will prepare you most for the weather. Maybe you’re standing in line until a store opens, or you’re attending a holiday parade that will be outdoors for hours. Be sure to consider how long you might be outside and bring supplies to stay prepared.
  • Keep clean hands a priority: More people mean more chances to keep your hands from being clean. Stores and airports can host many germs that might lead to colds, flu or other infectious diseases. Wash your hands often and keep your hand sanitizer handy for when you can’t get to a sink. And for added disease protection, always get your seasonal flu shot!
  • Know your exits and surroundings: Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, be sure to locate your nearest exits, the closest first-aid kit and where to go for help. You won’t want to wait for an emergency to take place before knowing how to get what you need.
  • Have a plan: If you’re attending an event with others, have a plan for where to meet should you become separated or if an emergency occurs. Keep in mind that cellphones may not always work among large crowds, so decide on a meeting place ahead of time.
For more information about crowd safety, read our Get Ready big event fact sheet.

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