Bring preparedness to the dinner table this Thanksgiving

It’s almost here: that moment when the turkey is stuffed and roasted, the potatoes are mashed and the cranberry sauce is plated. And then it’s quiet, as family and friends take the first bite of the meal they’ve looked forward to all year. But, if you’re like most families, that silence won’t last long. Before the football game and sales at the mall, Thanksgiving is a time for catching up, connecting and talking with those you love over a great meal.

So what will you talk about with your family at the dinner table this year? At Get Ready, we think there’s no better time to chat about preparedness. Here are some preparedness Thanksgiving questions and topics to get your family talking:
  • This year, were there times that you needed to be prepared? How did it go?
  • What are you thankful you knew about preparedness this year?
  • Where do you and your family feel the least ready for an emergency? How can you better prepare yourself for those times?
  • Did you get a flu shot?
You can also spend some time this holiday on preparedness activities. A few suggestions:
  • Get Ready trivia: Make preparedness fun. Grab some of the Get Ready fact sheets and quiz your family on what to do in case of an emergency. Check out our info on winter storms, and Ebola.
  • Check your stocks: You’ve already got the canned goods out from preparing a tasty meal. Take this time as a family to add any extra preparedness supplies to your emergency stockpile kit.
  • Keep the kids busy with our Get Ready games and puzzles.
Get the conversation going and share with us what you learn. How will you make preparedness a part of your Thanksgiving?

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